Friendship, Risk, Travel

And…we’re about to fly!

We leave for Italy in less than 48 hours. 48 hours?! Awesome! I cannot even begin to describe my utter excitement to you all, surrounding this opportunity. This chance. This dream come true.

It literally happened a little like this…

Text Messages between Heidi & Angela

Heidi: Tuscany has a really good Travelzoo deal… (deal outlined). We should launch our blog and take advantage of some writing opportunities there…

3 minutes later

Angela: I just talked to Justen – he’s good if I go

Heidi: Cool. Travelzoo deal is during rainy season. But in 9 weeks I found another awesome itinerary… (listed it out)

Angela: Looks amazing, I’m in

Next day…

Heidi: What’s your passport #

Angela: Passport #

Heidi: We are booked!

No joke. We booked a trip of a lifetime, in a few hours. We saw an opportunity where others would have hesitated, and we acted, almost immediately. As I go through this entrepreneurial journey, I realize that is the way to operate. Take action. Accept risk. Face fears head on. All with the glaze of opportunity sweetening the journey. Without action, dreams will never, ever become a reality.

I am humbled and amazed at the encouragement and support that is around me. My husband – for learning to nod along and say “Wow – that sounds neat!” instead of “Wow – you are crazy!”, my mom, who tells me all the time how much she loves me, and how proud she is of me, even though she doesn’t even try to understand “What I do” anymore, and my brother for reminding me not to stop at the edge for comfortable and uncomfortable – but instead to jump into uncomfortable head first and figure out how to navigate it later! But this post is specifically dedicated to my friend, Angela.

Angela and I are two peas in a pod – and at the same time – the most opposite you can get. I have blonde hair, she has dark brown. Our religious, political and social views are nowhere near each other. I am an entrepreneur, through and through – and Angela works full time … for none other than the government! Angela is a high context, thought out, calm conversationalist. I am – – – Look, SQUIRREL! Anyways, back on topic….  🙂 You get the point. However, she has been 100% there for me, encouraging me, supporting me, and jumping right in to “test the waters” of this crazy life, right alongside me. Our passion for this amazing world, the people in it, our ultimate goal to add value, and of course – our amazing love for our families – bring us together more than anything else could tear us apart.

Hence – Balloons is the Sky – the journeys of Lockhart & Bloomer. You will hear our perspectives of food, business, travel, inspiration, wine, clothes, kids, news and everything in-between! Instead of polarizing views, we can’t wait to offer you balanced insight, recommendations, deals, specials and advice, on the most important (and fun) topics in life today. We are so grateful for your readership, and can’t wait to see what you think of the topics we plan to bring to this blog.




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