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Cooking in Italy

I have so many things to share about Italy, but a highlight truly was the cooking class we took in Florence. Read on to preview my official review…


After signing up for the “Cooking Class Florence” through, I was stoked. I shared with my friend and colleague this opportunity, and we looked forward to it for week.

Two Observations
1. The meeting place was hard to find. 6-8 members of our group couldn’t find it, as it is a door in an ally way.

2. The market was closed on Sunday, which was the day of our class. This was not mentioned in any fine print. This created some level of disappointment.

Luckily, those were the only somewhat negative things that occurred. After that, it was magical! A walk through the main squares of Florence, a small-group, 5.5 hr cooking class with two amazing Italian chefs. Making new friends. Eating and drinking to your desire – what can be more amazing?

First, we started out by making homemade Tiramisu. Next, we made-from-scratch pasta dough. After that, we enjoyed bountiful wine, and 4-5 homemade Italian appetizers, as well as lessons about all things wine, olive oil and truffles. Next, we made two forms of pasta, including ravioli – and it was actually fairly easy! We chatted with new friends while the dishes were cooking, and Voila’! We had ourselves an amazing lunch.

All in all, the class was thorough, innovative, fun, and we were stuffed with friendships, food and knowledge by the end of the 5.5 hours. I would highly recommend this class, to anyone, during their visit to Florence.

Heading to Italy soon? Check out FlorenceTown and schedule this cooking class! You won’t regret it.



Pasta7 Pasta6 Pasta5 Pasta3 Pasta2 Pasta Pasta4


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