Kids + School + (plug your ears!) Bullies!!!

My daughter, A, has come home the past few weeks with stories. Stories that I am sure are primarily true but have hints of things I am unsure of. Stories that are based around the word “bully”. The “bully” calling other kids “bully” and, come to think of it, “what is a bully, mom?” “I try to pray for him Mom, but it isnt working!” “I’m frustrated!” She’s ‘frustrated’? She’s 6!!

Could the stories actually be true? Does it matter if they are true or not? Should I call the teacher immediately? Go straight to the other parent? Should I step back and let life happen? Ignore the urge to be a helicopter parent? Take the approach of raising a strong, self sufficient daughter? What. Is. Right?!

This process of thinking through all of the emotions I feel when she tells me, and taking stock on how she acts, reacts, and her comments, have really gotten me thinking about ALL of the lessons that are to come. This is only the beginning. How do we teach our children these amazing lessons, when we don’t know the ‘right’ thing either?!

I think that’s the whole point, right? Going through this (and many others) journey together. Learning from each other. With each other. Understanding that each child is different. Understanding that our children MIRROR US. Wow. Scary. Humbling. What-An-Honor. We have big jobs ahead of us. Teaching our children to be strong and confident for themselves, and for others, even if it means they are the lone ranger on the playground or at lunch, yet full of grace for those hurting them. Teaching our children to be compassionate. Begging, Praying, Pleading to God each night, that others are the same amount of “Compassionate” to our children, that we teach them to be to others, each and every day.

A and M are in 1st grade and preschool. We have many more years ahead of us – of learning, growing, laughing and crying at school. I couldn’t have picked better kiddos to teach me about strength, confidence, grace and compassion, than the ones I was blessed to Mother. So for now – we’ll just do our best – one day, hour, minute – at a time.

For an extra amazing read today – don’t miss what Glennon, from Momastry, has to say here. Her letter to her child about being kind, goes straight to the heart.




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