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A Summer Project…. eh hem….I mean, the WHOLE summer project!

This spring we decided to finish our backyard patio. We bought a mass-builder grade home, and it had a tiny deck, with no stairs to lead into the yard, off of our back kitchen door. After selling the wood of the deck and removing it, we decided to tackle the backyard patio! How hard can it be, right? A couple thousand dollars, a week or two of work – and BAM, we’ll have an amazing patio for the the remainder of the summer! NOT!

Instead, we embarked on a stressful, “why even have a budget since it just keeps adding up?” type summer project.

The 5 learning’s I took away from this experience?

  1. I love my backyard, and having access to my backyard is something I will never take for granted again!
  2. As a project manager, being partially involved is way toooo stressful. Either be 100% involved and making all the decisions (which means being available at all hours), or hire out to a contractor to manage every detail.
  3. Don’t do a large home-project while your husband is in Asia for work, for 3 out of the 9 weeks of the project.
  4. Hiring out work is the way to go. Your time and sanity are way too valuable to drive yourself crazy doing your own project – unless you love learning new home/garden type projects and/or your have experience.
  5. Even though it wasn’t necessarily an enjoyable time, it taught me a lot of myself and how I function when the “project” is literally in my own backyard. And now, I appreciate that space more than ever! We use it weekly, typically much more than once. It is a fun place for family, neighbors and friends to gather, and the sweat and stress that went into it, was well worth the memories that will be made in this amazing outdoor living space.




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