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Change is hard sometimes. Even for those of us who ‘love change’, it still can create confusion, nostalgia and anxiety! None of which are bad, but they are sometimes hard to process.

Let me explain where I am coming from…

I left an ’employer’ I had been working for/with for 8.5 years. I remember interviewing with my “future boss”, K, over the phone as my dad and I were eating lunch during a packing break in Riverside California, as A and I were working on heading back to MN. To be honest, I didn’t even know I applied for a place called, “TRIA”, and had to research them when I got off the phone with her! A week later, I interviewed, and was offered a job in their call center the same day. It was a dream come true. I would be making “real money” and working in healthcare. What more could I want?! Well, after a few weeks, I wanted more. Specifically, I wanted to find a bigger way to add value. K introduced me to some leaders in the organization. And from there, things spiraled into an amazing 8.5 years.

As I look back at how life has played out, specifically with my opportunity to begin working at TRIA, it is sometimes hard to fathom. K became such a fantastic friend and colleague, and a few years later, we were able to start a new leader role at TRIA, together. The leaders she introduced me to provided me amazing experiences, and today, one of them, B, is a primary mentor in my career, and I continue to be blessed by working with her at a client of mine – as well as another leader, M, who I am currently on a plane to enjoy a fabulous weekend-away with. The friends and relationships that have come out of TRIA can’t be described. And then let’s talk about the career opportunity! I mean seriously – I look at two of my clients, and both are due to relationships and reputation built at TRIA. In addition to the skill set, problem solving and other knowledge I gain during my time there. I am so incredibly grateful they are an organization who looks to mentor, grow and build up their team. They look at attitude and work ethic, versus allowing some capital letters on a piece of paper to dictate your work.

Ultimately, I don’t believe in luck. Far from it. I believe we are all presented with opportunities and it is our job to see them, and to take advantage of them – even if it isn’t 100% “safe”. However, that doesn’t chance the overwhelming sense of gratitude to where and who those opportunities arose from.

And because of that, when I stepped out of TRIA on 10/15/15 after finishing my final meeting there, I had a sense of “I thought I wanted this change, but do I really?!” I had to allow myself permission to feel sad, and nostalgic, and appreciative of all that the last 8.5 years had given me. But, as I knew deep down, even through that anxiety of this big ‘change’, this is exactly what I want and need. TRIA played a huge role in my life, and always will. I will also be grateful, and can not wait to give my time and attention to the Next Best Thing that comes along.

Advice? Allow yourself to have emotions. Allow yourself to push through things that you aren’t “100%” sure of. Be grateful for whatever you did learn, whether that was a lot, or a little. And be excited and confident, to move on!




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