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Back when Aaron and I lived in California (2006-2007) we would frequently visit a little restaurant named Javier’s. It was tucked into the shops on the main street of Laguna Beach. We loved is quaint place so much, that we would frequently take guests to visit as well! Free chips and salsa, $3 margaritas, and amazing enchiladas – what’s not to love, right?!

Fast forward almost 10 years – and Javier’s has turned into an amazing, upscale, “foodie” location. They are located in Newport Coast (and have been featured on many TV shows, including Real Housewives of Orange County), Irvine, Cabo and Las Vegas.

The aestheticĀ and views are amazing. The service is spectacular. And of course, the enchiladas are still to-die-for. The margaritas hit the spot, each and every time, although they are no longer $3, it is still definitely worth a visit to Javier’s if you ever have the opportunity. I had the opportunity to visit this past weekend of Las Vegas, and my expectations continue to be exceeded!

Heidi & Megan, enjoying dinner at Javier's Las Vegas

Heidi & Megan, enjoying dinner at Javier’s Las Vegas




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