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Legacy Chocolates

It was a dank and drizzly day. The kind of day where the rain is gently pattering against the window…lulling me into tangential daydreams. But, I was at work! With three hours left before quitting time! I needed a comforting cup of caffeine to boost my consciousness, and I needed it stat! So, I ventured from my desk, umbrella in hand, and set out to find the best cup of coffee I could find.

A couple of weeks ago, a co-worker had informed me of this great place just a city block North of Kellogg Blvd and Robert Street in downtown St. Paul. Legacy Chocolates, “Bringing peace, love, and happiness, one truffle at a time.” Intrigued, I visited and ended up purchasing a gift card and bag of coffee for a National Boss Day gift. Yes, this is a real holiday and everyone I work with who reports to the same boss also chipped in. This was not just a random, yet ingenious, attempt to get a pay raise.

This dreary day seemed like the perfect time to return, but this time for my own perk-me-up. I’m hilarious in a coffee shop because I have no idea of what anything is. I’m newer to this coffee drinking thing. The patient barista guided me through my order which started as a Macchiato…morphed into a Latte…with him ultimately deciphering that what I really craved was a Mocha. Now I know. He was right. Delicious. Creamy, nutty, made with steamed almond milk, rich chocolatey drizzle, and completely free of calories totally flavorful.

I’d highly recommend checking out the amazing selection of hand-crafted dark chocolate truffles while you are there. I also observed a case full of devilish looking delights covered with fudge, chocolate chips and cream cheese. Enter if you dare. Support small business. Indulge. I’ll be back and I’ll be sending my friends. I know where I’m buying holiday gifts, birthday gifts, and National Boss Day gifts from now on.

Before you go, know there is limited seating, but still adequate and quiet space to have a conversation with friends. Parking is what it is in downtown St. Paul, with meters on the street just outside the Pioneer Endicott building where Legacy Chocolates is located. If you prefer not to fight with traffic or compete for parking, check out their online store where you can purchase fresh, high quality treats. Go. Enjoy, and let me know your favorite item when you’re done!

My idea of health food.

My idea of health food.

I will take one of each.

I will take one of each.

So much little time.

So much chocolate…so little time.

For the love of chocolate,

A. Lockhart


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