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Balance? “Not because we’re doing it wrong, but because it’s supposed to be hard. – Glennon”

Every day we yearn to find balance, right? We look to spend the right amount of time on work, on our marriage, on our to-do list and with our kids. However, should balance really be our goal? Read more, on Avant Synergy’s blog. Take a peak:

What Heidi will inspire you to consider is this, “Your actual goal (for work and life) should be to love what you do so much that you don’t need “work-life balance,” because you will see everything as just beautiful, hard, crazy, ordinary, awesome Life.” This doesn’t mean that she agrees with the quote “Do something you love and never work a day in your life”. Because that’s not the case at all. Life requires hard work – and typically the things that require the hardest work (marriage & parenting, to name a few) also offer the greatest reward.

For an additional perspective, check on Momastry’s view. It’s amazing. Here’s a bit of it:

I feel sorry to report this to you. I feel like I should have some of it figured out for you. I should be well-rounded and confident and secure. I should be more like Cheryl Sandberg, really. I just finished Lean In– her new book – and I liked it. Good woman, good book. Lean In is about how we as women need to lean in to our careers and accept more responsibility and not worry so much about balance, I guess. She seems to have a lot figured out  – she doesn’t seem tortured by any of it. Me – I’m a little tortured. I know my work is important, and I’d love to keep Leaning In, but mostly I just want to Lie Down to tell you the damn truth. Perhaps that will be the title of my next book.

LIE DOWN: How One Woman Finally Learned Balance by Going To Sleep

I’m trying to remind myself that sometimes life is hard. Not because we’re doing it wrong, but because it’s supposed to be hard. And maybe this time is like that. Maybe book tours are supposed to be hard. I’m not doing it wrong. I’m learning a lot, actually. And this too shall pass. This too shall pass and soon I’ll be writing everyday again and the kids will be happily driving me insane and I’ll be dreaming of hitting the road again. Breathe. This too shall pass.

Having a career and a family is hard. Having a family AS a career is hard. Having a career and no family is hard. We all need support. We need to talk about it. We don’t need anybody to fix it for us –  we’re not doing it wrong. Nothing needs fixing. We just need to be allowed to talk about the hard. Support is severely underrated in this country.

In the utmost support for you all,

H Bloomer


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