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Why to be Brave

This week has been one heck of a week. So much good. So much gratitude. Yet struggling to keep my eyes open. Struggling to be brave. Searching for my courage. Freezing up when I normally don’t.

Have you ever had weeks like this? Between both of my children taking turns getting sick, not feeling well myself, having more tasks than hours in my day, and working lately in a few environments where stress is higher than average, I am DRAINED. How do we, as a person/mother/worker/leader/wife find the courage to still be Brave, when we are exhausted?

Courage: “The ability to do something that frightens one” “Strength in the face of Pain”

Brave: “Ready to face or endure” “Showing Courage”

I never realized how intertwined these two words were before having the vision to write this post. This week, there were so many times when I froze more than normal, where normally I would have been able to articulate; where I felt defensive and/or took offensive where otherwise I would have sought to show grace. However there were also some key times where I was able to pull up enough courage to be brave. And even with the pit in my stomach that was clearly showing it’s colors due to my impending fear as to how that bravery would be perceived – mixed with my already tired, sick self…it paid off in the form of helping others. Having that small acknowledgment come long after the bravery was shown, and knowing within that I did and/or said the right thing.

It has also shown me to provide grace and compliments to others who choose to be Brave, even if I disagree with them. Because being brave is just. plain. hard. But luckily, we can all do hard things, and we can love each other through hard things. I even had to give myself grace, as my post that was posted on Saturday, was actually supposed to be posted on Tuesday. 5 days late. But, I still got it done. And it was all ok.

So today – be Brave. Say something that’s full of love and truth, even if you aren’t sure of the reaction. Encourage someone else who does the same, even if you don’t agree or understand.


H Bloomer


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