We are on our way “up north” for Thanksgiving. Traffic is moderate. I’m trading in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade this morning for a string of undecorated minivans. We stopped at the gas station to fuel up on caffeine and the cashier let me have my English Toffee cappuccino on the house. Sweet! Now I’ve been holding it for the last 20 minutes and haven’t had a sip yet. I do not want my Thanksgiving dinner ruined by burning my tongue right now. I’m feeling good. Thankful for the random things. Like the Internet connection on my smartphone. We won’t be anywhere near a shopping mall on Black Friday, but I took care of some Christmas shopping online while in transit this morning. (Disney Store has a ton of stuff on sale plus an extra 20% off today!) Life is good. I can’t ignore the fact that I live a pretty privileged existence. Thankful for family, friends, health, grocery stores, clean water, running trails, a great home, my car, a budget that has some wiggle room, wine, chocolate, cappuccino, the Internet, my job(s), ability to choose how to spend my free time… I’m safe. I’m with the ones I love most today. There’s just so many reasons to have a happy heart today.

May may your Thanksgiving be peaceful and blessed!

A. Lockhart




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