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Friends; Some of the Best Type of Family There Is

I got a card in the mail yesterday:


It came at the perfect time. After some amazing family time, yet being sick with a terrible cold-turned-sinus infection, ear infection and bronchitis; it was JUST want I needed to boost my spirits. And Why? Because these simple words validated me. It was someone who saw my struggle, as little and trivial as it is, and choose to take time to reach out to lift me up.

To have a friend who thinks of you, takes the time to put a simple stamp on an envelope, and hand-write a note, means more than I can ever express. It is the tiny things, to show each other that we care, that mean the most.

My thanksgiving prayer is that I am a better friend, every day, to those that mean the most to me. That I make a better effort to remember new jobs, big weeks, sad days, and happy days – and reach out with a simple call, text, and sometimes even a hand written note.

Thank you, Megan. You are truly a gem!



H Bloomer


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