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“The Trip To Ski, That Wasn’t”

We had everything ready for months. A condo up north. Ski rentals and lessons lined up. Our work and school schedules coordinated. I was bound and determined to “Enjoy Winter” this year! I am 30 now – it’s time I embrace where we live (‘lovely’, cold, dreary MN) and do what the locals do – Winter Activities!

Fast forward to the day before our trip when I was frantically looking for flights to Orlando? Miami? San Antonio? Phoenix? LA? ANYWHERE WARM! It was M’s birthday weekend, and I thought “Who wants to celebrate the big #4 by sitting in the car for 10+ hours and by hauling off and on ski gear! (Our family? Not so much!) Aaron so gently reminded me that we had a fun time planned, and we went to bed with the still-planned Lutsen Trip in-tact for the next day.

Friday morning, in a whirlwind, Aaron got up, shocked me by playing travel agent, booked an amazing deal at an Embassy Suites 1 mi from Disneyland, a car for about $10 a day, and volunteered to take the red eye back on Sunday night/Monday morning to make his Monday meeting – allowing me and the kids to stay an extra day for some beach R&R. In true Heidi-Fashion, we rearranged our entire trip within 2-3 hours, and within 9 hours of booking, were on a flight to LAX.


Sound stressful?

Let me tell you, it was anything BUT stressful – it was the Most. Amazing. Weekend. EVER. Our entire family was in heaven. We are true Disney fans – and Max had never been there, while Aaron, Addy and I haven’t been there since she was 1. We were all like kids in a Candy Store x10. We had no agenda. No plans. No needs. Except to have fun, together. Max got to meet his villain hero, Darth Vadar, Addy got to not only do Space Mountain, but the newly re-vamped Star-Wars-Themed Hyperspace Mountain, and Aaron and I got to spend 3 uninterrupted days with our beautiful children – having fun, swimming, and enjoying the warm weather.



No one knew we were 2000 miles away. We escaped the mundane day to day. We took time to focus, recharge, and just simply find true Joy in what matters most. We made dreams come true for all four of us… my dream being to fly somewhere “same day” which has been a goal for 15 years 🙂 Aaron and I trusted each other that this was the right thing – and when my risk-adverse husband said something like this to me “We need to do things like this more often. We need to trust, explore and enjoy”, along with the kids showing true, un-prompted gratitude – not only for the location, but for our time, we felt Complete. Happy. Content. And so so so far from Complacent.


We vow now, more than ever, to show our children adventure, joy, time, joy and trust. We vow as a family to value each others needs, and wants – and work towards them. We have put growing our families experiences and memories as Goal #1 in our life. We acknowledge that we are all warm-weather fans. We love t-shirts, shorts and the water. We love to travel. We love to explore. We love to be together. And that’s what life is about.





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