Happy Hour Idea When Your Friend is Pregnant

Where do you go for Happy Hour when the friend you are meeting is expecting? This was the question facing me earlier this week. All my go-to locations were out of the question. Bars…sushi…coffee… No! None would do. So many restrictions when someone is preggers!

Then the best idea for a Baby Mama Happy Hour in Woodbury hit me. Jamba Juice in Tamarack Village followed by a short stroll down the sidewalk to Lexi Nails for a pedicure. What could possibly be better than a little pampering of the feet while drinking kale and peaches? Peaches are fruit. Grapes are fruit. Wine is made out of fruit. My smoothie is practically wine, right?

This ended up being the perfect Happy Hour for a weekday night. Getting a pedicure at 4:45p may be the best kept retail secret. No lines. Immediate seating. Courteous and prompt attention. This was a great place to sit back and catch up with a friend. The prices at Lexi Nails are reasonable and it is a well-kept salon. It’s hard to find a nail salon to truly love unless willing to pay a premium for the Aveda treatment. Lexi Nails met our needs and was a definite win for Happy Hour.


A. Lockhart


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