I totally biffed it in Step Class Today

Going to the gym is what I do. I run, lift and stretch probably 4-5 times per week. Rarely do I attend fitness classes. No particular reason- just some deep seeded fear that a class will prove I’m not as fit as I think I am and all will see me on display. (Because I’m sure when others go to class all they have time to do is sit around and judge…right?! Lame, I know, but the brain can’t help it’s self-centered thinking sometimes.) Despite my usual better judgment I decided to go to a Step Class today. It’s been 11 years since I’ve been to a Step Class. My mind remembered it as fun. My mind remembered me being much more coordinated!

Ten minutes into the one hour session I was concentrating so hard on trying to follow the instructor that I missed the step. I caught the edge, slipped, and the whole Step totally upended. Me? I upended too. Butt.on.the.ground.

A gasp echoed through the instructor’s headset. All eyes on me. So fun. Well, I picked myself back up. No physical harm was done. I’m an athlete dammit. Former dancer. Current Yogi. I put my Step back together and got back to it. Pride a little bruised, but not my body.

I wish I could say the rest of the class had me nailing every move. Making up for my embarrassing little slip. Unfortunately, it just got worse. The mind-body connection was blown. Suddenly it was as though I had two left feet and couldn’t count a beat to save my soul. I was so nervous about biffing it again that I was a good step behind everyone else out of caution.

After about 30 minutes I just started doing my own thing. Then I felt bad because I was near the front in the second row. I noticed in the mirrors that my missteps were throwing other people off. I had to keep stopping to regroup myself and try to find the rhythm. Didn’t want others to be misled by my own lack of coordination. However, that was causing personal frustration because my heart rate kept dropping from an aerobic pace. Goodness gracious.

I did finally leave the class after 45 minutes and headed for the nearest treadmill. I am a runner, I decided. Not a Stepper. I finished strong with a quick two-mile run. I’m sure there’s some profound life lesson to be learned from this one hour excerpt of my life. For now I’m going with- no matter what missteps you encounter- it’s ok. Take a moment to do your own thing…regroup if necessary…and even return to something familiar for awhile. Above all else- finish strong with head held high. Often times, the best fails help shape our future best successes.


A. Lockhart


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