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Playing Favorites?

I read this article recently, where it talked about it being OK to play favorites at work. (read more, here)

It was amazing! I loved the author’s perspective that it actually is OK to ‘play favorites’. This world is all about being “fair”. Our children are taught this in school, and on the various sports courts. Workers now feel entitled to the exact same privileges and rewards as their colleagues who do 100% more work with a much better attitude. I feel as though this behavior is so detrimental to our society. It is teaching us to use our efforts towards complaining and comparing, instead of adding value.

Like Cy Wakeman outlines in this article, there are three groups of people in a typical workplace: Resisters, Maintainers and Visionaries.

After reading the article, what do you think? Does “Fair” really mean “Equal”, as we are taught in so many situations, today? Should Resisters be given the same ‘perks’ as Visionaries? My blunt vote – NO WAY!


H Bloomer


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