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Taking down the Christmas Tree

I had the day off today because daycare was closed. So, today I did two things I haven’t done in awhile. One, I went outside and played with my kids in the snow. Two, I took down the Christmas Tree before January. Both small miracles. I’m not exactly an outdoorsy person in the wintertime. Can’t exactly remember the last time I was outside when the temp was below 32 degrees F. (Besides just skittering between building to car and back.) I’m not really cut out for the cold. My motivation for going out today was to “practice” for tomorrow. Who knows why, but I signed up for a New Year’s Day 5K spontaneously yesterday. Wish me luck.

As for the tree, let me just say it was a lot easier putting up than taking down. Our kittens discovered the tree a couple of weeks ago. They’ve made daily treks up and down the tree since then, disrupting lights, garland, and ornaments. As if untangling lights after being in storage for a year isn’t challenging enough…try untangling lights while they’re still on the tree! I’m excited to have a jump start on organizing my home back to “normal” after the holidays though.

Tonight we are off to a fun family celebration for New Year’s Eve. Party ends at 9p-which normally would bum me out on New Year’s, but I’ve got a chilly 5K to run tomorrow!

Happy New Year’s Everyone!!




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