Fun fact. The grass was GREEN here up until about two weeks ago. People were really starting to wonder if we would have snow for Christmas. Some people were even UPSET that El Niño weather currents had affected our land. Not me. Even though my favorite holiday song is “Let it Snow,” it is only because it’s such a catchy and happy little tune.  I don’t actually mean the words when I sing them. Winter? Bah. Give me beaches, flip-flops, and shades any day.

So, it is no small miracle that I have been enjoying the outdoors for three straight days in a row now. First, on New Year’s Eve, my family attended a family-friendly bash that included open ice skating. It was the first time on ice for my four year old. Despite many falls, and often comical flailing on her back, (yeah, I’m that parent), she decided she LOVED the activity. Now we can’t get enough.

Second, I ran a 5K on New Year’s Day. Outdoors. 21 degrees. I finished really well and I’m quite impressed with myself, actually. I’ll share my ridiculous, but necessary race/running rituals in a future post.

Third, more ice skating. Like I said, we can’t get enough. Ice skates are so much cooler than when I was a kid. Of course, the standard figure and hockey skates are still available, but my little one picked out some sweet skates that look a lot like fancy Rollerblades. No laces to get tripped up in. Though they were pricier than I planned to spend, I was hooked by the fact that they are expandable from size 12-2. (I wish her ballet slippers expanded four sizes!) IDK, maybe these always existed and I just didn’t know about them because I was too busy inside reading a book by the fireplace. Anyway- here I am actually enjoying winter in my home state of Minne-snow-ta. Now I know…anything can happen.

Warm Thoughts,

A. Lockhart





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