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Extended Family

Our extended M family get-together each year around Christmas has always been a favorite of mine. My cousins were my sisters, my friends. As we grew up, we were blessed enough to stay close, and as we got married, our spouses became friends as well; and now our Children are BFFs too – even if we only see each other every now and then.

I realize that this isn’t always the case, and over this past weekend when 36 of us were able to be here, plus 2 babies-to-be; and missing the 9 that couldn’t join us, as well as another baby-to-be; it was humbling to be a part of such an amazing Family. Don’t get me wrong – we disagree, and have the ‘weirdness-es’ that all families too – but that doesn’t take away from the Blessing.

This post is to family – close, extended, or ‘decided’ family – and what a blessing they are.





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