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Things that happen when you get a new vehicle…

I accidentally flashed my brights at oncoming traffic today. What I meant to do was use my windshield wiper.

I listened to 90’s music on the ride to work this morning because I wasn’t entirely sure how to turn the station to something else. I thought of a lot of junior high school friends this morning.

I pushed multiple buttons in attempt to close my garage door. It should have worked with the first button I pushed, but I guess I didn’t hold it down long enough. My kids were wondering why we were sitting in the driveway for so long.

While using my bluetooth to take a phone call I discovered that the “volume up” button is not on my steering wheel. However, I do now know how to successfully end a phone call prematurely. Whoops!

All the silliness aside, I am super excited to be driving my personal (realistic) dream vehicle: a 2016 Chevy Traverse. It’s gorgeous, loaded with all these awesome feature I have yet to master. The kids have a built in DVD player to enjoy on road trips. I have officially and fully embraced suburb living. The only thing missing on this morning’s drive was a 16oz Starbucks. My LifeFactory glass bottle full of “energy water” was a pretty close substitute though. Living the dream-




2 thoughts on “Things that happen when you get a new vehicle…

  1. Delores LaFollette says:

    Congratulations on the new vehicle! I have yet to master the radio in my 2000 Ford Truck. I don’t feel to bad as Valerie couldn’t figure it out and neither could the tech expert at Radio Shack. Hmmmm, I wonder if Matthew knows as much about radios as he does computers. It’s worth a try!


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