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Hasta Pronto, Sweet Kidlets!

J, L, C and J left for Costa Rica this morning! I woke up at 3:23am to the sound of the taxi pulling up the driveway. The kids were excited. J quote “I am going to Costa Rica, Heidi!” C quote “Let’s get this show on the road!” After some quick, last-minute hugs – they were off!

It’s clearly bitter-sweet. We are 99% so excited for all of them. The fun, the adventure, the “out of the norm”, the experience – (plus the free-vacation-lodging for us) – are all amazing things we would wish for anyone! The fact that they were given an opportunity to say “yes” to fear, and they actually did it, is brave, courageous, and makes me proud.

However we will definitely miss them. The opportunity is no longer there for a quick dinner, or a play date. A last-minute Happy Hour with L, or a quick pedicure. But that’s ok. It’s more than ok. It’s awesome. It’s a different way of living for us, as well! Facetime, long visits, and quality, extended time when we are face-to-face will be awesome. Even these last 4 nights as house-guests has been extremely fun, no stress, and truly a joy.

But that bitter-sweet 1% that is bitter – well, it isn’t even what I listed above, it’s that fact that I have to look at this today  –  while they are basking in the sunshine!!!!


Adios, for now!

H Bloomer


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