If I won the Powerball…

Plan A:

  • Buy an Island
  • Hire a Financial Advisor
  • Hire a Housekeeper
  • Buy out my lease
  • Buy a new bathroom…which would be included with my new house
  • Travel

Plan B:

  • Buy an Island scented candle
  • Continue to balance my own checkbook
  • Pick up some Scrubbing Bubbles and sponges the next time I’m at Target
  • Keep paying on my lease
  • Buy a new bathroom rug and toilet seat. The current one is all scuffed up from the potty training seat
  • Travel

Oh.my.goodness. I can’t even think of all the ways to spend that kind of money. I’m used to such a simple, but happy life! Of course there would be money given to charities we are involved with like the Irreducible Grace Foundation…the Arc… Our parents would be set, as would immediate family members. I’d hire an attorney to field requests from the rest. I’d probably buy some new running shoes. I wouldn’t even check to see if they were on sale or not. Can you even imagine?? Good luck if you’re playing. Don’t let the money change you if you win. Let it enhance the things you would already be doing with your life. And if you don’t win- figure out a way to do the things you most want to do with your life anyway!


A. Lockhart



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