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How did I not know about this until recently?

I found a new app to install on my iPhone and now I’m obsessed with it. The name of the app is called Skin Deep. It’s free in the App Store and provides me with information on the health & safety ratings of more than 80,000 products sold in the U.S. cosmetics industry. The app was developed by the EWG, “the nation’s most effective environmental health non-profit organization.” I don’t know if it’s the scanner that makes it so addicting or the fact that I am learning tons of new information about the chemicals found in everyday products that I use! What I am learning from my own research is that the U.S. federal government is lagging when it comes to regulating the cosmetics industry.

How it works: I can type in a product name (e.g. “Clinique” or “Philosophy”) and the database will pull info on all the products listed in the database for that brand.  The other option is to scan the barcode of the product I want to learn about, and if the product is listed in the database, it will pull the info specific to that product.

Once the product is located it will provide an overall rating for the product based on the health concerns associated with that products including: Cancer, Developmental/Reprotoxicity, and Allergens. If there are ingredients contributing to a high hazard score, it will specifically list those ingredients.

I took this app with me on a mission to the local Ulta on Friday evening. My goal was to find an eye makeup primer that had a positive health rating. I get the “greasy creasy” effect on my eyelids and eyeshadow tends to slide right off within a couple of hours if I don’t use a primer. I started with some familiar brands and was disappointed to see poor ratings based on the chemicals they contained. After about 20 minutes of scanning products I finally located a product from BareMinerals that had a score of “1” which is the best.


I sort of wanted to shout out to the store and tell every shopper in the store about the powerful tool I held in my hand. It feels good to be a consumer who is equipped with knowledge and can make informed choices about the products I purchase. Instead of being a weirdo in the store, I decided to write this blog post instead.

After I came home from the store I started scanning products I own at home. I made the choice to dispose of several items because I know I can do better for my health. When my baby girls were born I was obsessed with finding all-natural and safe products for their delicate skin. Why did I not think to take the same care and concerned approach toward my own skin?!

I’m thankful to the friend who guided me toward this information and gave me the option to take action as I saw fit. Check out the app and see what you think.

To your health-




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