Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Thankful.

Can someone be overwhelmed, physically and emotionally exhausted, and yet so incredibly thankful and grateful, all at the same time? The answer is a resounding Yes. Absolutely. Most Certainly.

How can I be so sure? Because today, it is Me. I am that exact definition.

My Exhausted, Overwhelmed Self Thinks:

  • I am working longer hours that I have in my entire life. My clients have huge initiatives reaching their peak.
  • I flew to Milwaukee for 26 hours Friday-Saturday for a baby shower.
  • My kids want to play games.
  • My house isn’t picked up.
  • Laundry and dishes are overflowing.
  • I have Leads who need Proposals. And Prospective Clients who want to move forward on Proposals. And Prospective Jobs that need to be filled with Amazing Contractors.
  • We leave for vacation in 6 days. To a tropical beach. And I haven’t found time to buy my kids sandals yet. (barefoot is the way to go, I guess!)
  • We brought on a new Financial Planner for our business and personal finances – and there are so many options and things to consider – that my mind can’t even hold them all straight.
  • I. Want. To Scream….and then proceed right into tears.

My Grateful Self Thinks:

  • Holy Hannah – the work I am doing is meaningful, adds value, and shows my true Unique Ability. This is what I dreamed for, and I am only 30, and it is temporary. How did I get so blessed?
  • Amazed – I have the ability with my finances and my support system (Helloooo Mom and Aaron!) to leave on a whim to attend a great friend’s baby shower? How did I get so blessed?
  • My two, healthy, happy, kids love me. I have an amazing home that have so much food and so many dishes.
  • I have business leads. Who ask for proposals. And then sign Service Agreements. I have the pleasure of offering work to those looking for it. And creating capacity to the clients they are allowed to Serve. Dream. Come. True.
  • I have financial options. I have the capacity to give. I have the capacity to learn. Enough said.
  • Tears of joy have been flowing lately.

Be Blessed,

Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Thankful.

(written on 1/17/16. by the time this posts – I will be in beautiful Hawaii. Stay-tuned for a Comprehensive Review of the Big Island. 


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