I spent a lot of time doing my taxes today

Therefore, I am not in the most creative state of mind. I actually enjoy doing taxes because it is so detailed and methodical. One of my favorite jobs during college was as a bank teller. Multiple transactions per shift, and no room for error. Meticulous data entry and precision. At the end of the day there were always two people on duty to verify the counts. The drawer had to be perfectly balanced or we found ourselves having to stay late until every last penny was accounted for. One of my favorite memories from working at the bank was a time when I left the intercom on for entertainment sake. A customer was in the drive up lane jamming out to a song on the radio. The best part was the song he was singing: Take the Money and Run.

Another favorite memory I have from the bank days is when someone drove off with the canister. I don’t know why it struck my funny bone so much when they sheepishly pulled around a few minutes later and dropped it back off without a word. Finally, I remember watching a customer drop the canister entirely. It rolled under the car and the person was so flustered that they opened the door of their car to retrieve it, but ended up slamming the door into the concrete post. The driver quickly pulled the door back shut and drove off. All a teller can do is watch wide-eyed as the spectacle unfolds… Anyway, taxes. Things are looking decent this year. No surprises- though I did just receive a 1099-MISC in the mail from a business I had no recollection of working for. I had to Google the payer listed and see if it sparked a memory. I’m pretty sure now it was from a modeling job I had last January. Not 100% certain, but pretty sure…I had a busy year.

Good luck and happy times to you if you file on your own- or- enjoy your free time if you use an accountant!




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