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A few more amazing memories… Part 3

By now you may be wondering why we came home? We are wondering, too. Family, Friends and a Mortgage brought us back – but don’t worry, we will be heading to Hawaii again soon, I am sure!

In addition to all of the fun already had, it actually continues!

WATER! We enjoyed some fantastic time at the Kings’ Land pool as I mentioned. In addition, the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort had a Lagoon! You could see, and swim with, the dolphins (Dolphin Quest, which we didn’t do simply because of time, but they had some great options available); you could rent paddle boats (which we did), kayaks, and other water sports; or you could swim! The lagoon was ocean-fed so we saw a Sea Turtle and many amazing fish. The kids made some friends in the sand, and we were able to spend around two hours there one morning.

WHALES! We were truly blessed to have booked a Whale Watching trip with Dolphin Discoveries in Kona. Our booking process was amazing, and when we arrived, it was wonderful. Erika met us and checked us in. Parking was on the street and fairly easy (and free!). Erika, who was also our captain, was fun, kind and full of life. The kids took to her right away. They only put 4-8 people on a boat, and we happened to be a group of 4 that day which was amazing. During the ride out to sea, she talked with Addy about what we may see, and Max fell asleep on my lap! (Mom Win!) After about 20-30 minutes of a 2-2.5 hour tour, we saw a Whale briefly – and a minute or two later it BREACHED, fully, out of the water. It was truly amazing! Throughout the next 90-120 minutes, we were able to observe 3 Humpback Whales and likely 5-8 dolphins playing together in the water. From 3 Breaches, to Slapping, Splashing, Short and Shallow Dives, and the ability to capture a tail picture – it was all amazing. Erika even let us listen to the whales signing under water through a device she had. A wonderful experience. In addition, this company provided drinks and fresh fruit on the boat, as well as a wealth of knowledge! We would recommend any tour by this company, hands down.

TEPPANYAKI! We decided to check out a Japanese Restaurant our last night on the island. Before we headed there, we enjoyed a Hula Show and Happy Hour at Kings’ Land, and then drove the 4 minutes over to Imari, within the Hilton resort. We made a reservation for Teppanyaki, which was a first for Aaron and the kids. It was SO good and SO yummy and SO fun. Also a fantastic restaurant and experience.


All in all, it was one of our favorite family trips, ever. We would highly recommend all of the businesses mentioned in the three posts about Hawaii, and the Big Island in general. We can’t wait to go back and bring Family and Friends with us.




4 thoughts on “A few more amazing memories… Part 3

  1. Erika says:

    Aloha from Captain Erika! 😀 I love what you wrote here 🙂 I am so glad you and your family had such a wonderful time in Hawaii and with us aboard Dolphin Discoveries. Your family was a joy to spend the afternoon with. If you ever decide to return, let me know – I would love to be your captain again!


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