Being Brave

I’ve written about being Brave before. What is Bravery? Check out my blog “Why Be Brave” to hear one perspective – but I know there are many more as well.

This Blog is a simple reflection and public commitment to some things coming up this year which will require being Brave. Being Courageous. Stepping forward even though I don’t always see the step! I hope it spurs you to think about and be aware of the things that require bravery for you – and know that I am proud of you!

My List of Four:

  1. Pursuing my dream to scale Avant Synergy & Copy Done Right even further in 2016; with the goal to grow 15% or more.
  2. Traveling to Europe with my daughter.
  3. Promising to pick up my kids from school at least three times a month, even if it means putting off something else.
  4. Health goals – food (eat healthier, pack lunches at least 3 days a week), cosmetic products (replace at least two products to a healthier version) and sleep (get an average of 7 hours/night).

It is so important to SPEAK our dreams and our goals. It forces us to commit – which can be scary. It can force us to deal with criticism. It makes us vulnerable. But it has to be done.

Be Brave today. Say what you want – and then get to work!

H Bloomer

PS: Check out this great article, which is another great example of why saying, out loud, what we want to commit to, is so important.



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