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I never thought it possible

Like most of you probably do, I buy my toothpaste from the store. Why wouldn’t I? It’s cheap, convenient, and probably created in a lab somewhere by a brilliant chemist who is trained in molecular compounds. I’m sure there’s some special formula derived from the periodic table of the elements used to create this minty-smile brightening- paste. Or gel. Sometimes it’s a gel. Miraculous nonetheless. Too advanced for me.

Or is it?!

If you’ve been reading my posts lately you understand that I’m developing a hunger for knowledge regarding the safety (or rather lack thereof) of personal care products. Harmful chemicals are abundant among us. Lurking in inoxious everyday places like shampoo, hand soap, eye shadow, detergent, and yes, toothpaste.

As a result of my newfound knowledge, I’ve been taking slow, but steady measures to reduce my exposure to chemicals. It’s a challenge. I’m always up for a good challenge. Game on! Last week, a friend upped the ante for me. Casually dropping a statement into our beauty product conversation about how she makes her own toothpaste. I was like, “Whaaaat?!” The idea of making my own toothpaste was sort of mind blowing.

Well, it turns out to not be so complicated. I didn’t even follow an exact recipe. I did a little browsing on Pinterest to determine what other DIY-ers were doing and went from there.

Making my Own Toothpaste

To make my own toothpaste, I used Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, finely ground Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, and Peppermint Essential Oil. I had everything on hand except the essential oil. A quick Google search pointed me to the only retail store in town that currently carries essential oil. It’s available from a number of places online, but I was too eager to wait for delivery.

I started with a heaping Tablespoon of Coconut Oil and added the Baking Soda until the consistency resembled the stuff I squish from a tube. A fork was my elaborate mixing tool. I used just a pinch of the Sea Salt to add minerals to my recipe. This was not consistently listed in other people’s recipes, but adding minerals just seemed like a good idea. I’d read a different article about the health benefits of sea salt so decided to roll with it. Super scientific.

The Peppermint Oil is 100% pure so I started with just 3 drops and kept mixing/tasting until I felt I had reached the desired taste. I’m sure everyone’s preference is a little different here, so add however much you want. Voila! I am now a natural health and beauty chemist making my own chemical-free toothpaste.

toothpaste final

For more interesting info on the benefits of eliminating, or reducing your exposure to fluoride, I’ve got another great link for you called the 50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation.

(Not to be confused with being anti-Florida) because I’m not. Stay tuned for my next series of posts in which I will highlight the adventures of traveling to Orlando with two preschoolers, my husband, and my mom.

To your health!



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