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My Orlando resort uses earth friendly products!

We’ve arrived! Orlando, Florida. Two preschoolers, my husband, my mom, and me. The goal for this trip is to relax, enjoy precious time with family, and also to share my experiences and recommendations with each of you!

I booked this trip back in September of 2015, just after “Balloons in the Sky blog” was born, knowing that my friend Heidi and I would want to be writing about our travel adventures. We enjoy providing recommendations on the best places to stay while touring the world. (For example, check out one of our first posts about Cinque Terre, Italy, her recent posts on Hawaii 1, 2, and 3) and the Kalahari.)

Today, from the field, I give you my shout out for accommodations in Orlando, FL. We are staying at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort. It is a pretty large complex located within the Disney Parks, though it is not an official Disney Resort. I chose this location because it has suites available. We are staying in a two bedroom/two bathroom unit, equipped with full kitchen, and in-unit laundry facility. Perfect for families. (After being rained on for a couple hours while at Disney World yesterday and then spending the rest of the humid day in those same clothes- we were especially happy to have a washer and dryer available… There was no way I wanted to throw those clothes back in the suitcase!)

Our flight arrived to Orlando at 7:55p EST on Monday 2/22. By the time we got our rental car (ALAMO rocks!) and squeezed in a quick trip to Target for groceries (yes, I’m ambitious), it was 10p before we got to the resort. Apparently the WBC reservation systems had bad outages earlier in the day. We were later told that some guests experienced delays of up to 5 hours checking in to their rooms. I was the only person in line at 10p and the total check-in time took me about 30 min due to the residual effects of the outage. Kedo, Guest Check-in, was extremely courteous throughout the process, making appropriate small talk, and using humor, while trying to move things along. The following day we received a personal call from the resort manager apologizing for any inconveniences caused by the system outage. I thought this was a nice gesture.

The kids were hungry for a bedtime snack when we arrived. The simple act of satiating them with some grapes turned into a test of hotel responsiveness… So, I go to rinse the grapes and in true April Fool’s Day style the sprayer on the kitchen sink shoots two feet in the air and then water proceeded to spray everywhere. In a matter of about five seconds I had an impromptu shower and a good laugh. I called the front desk at 11p. She offered to send someone up right away or I could wait until morning. Since we were all awake anyway I told her to go ahead and send someone up. Within 30 minutes we had a new sprayer nozzle installed. Prompt service from Eric and Manje!


An important thing to highlight is the toiletries. I believe the quality of the hotel toiletries says a lot about the quality of the hotel. The particular brand used here is called Eartherapy. It’s made in Australia. Since I’ve been more concerned about what goes on my skin these days, I did a little research and was pleased to discover that these products are biodegradable, paraben-free, and contain EcoPure which is described as an “organic based additive.” The packaging is biodegradable and recyclable. The ingredient label does list “fragrance,” with the body lotion smelling like cinnamon. The shampoo and conditioner smell like Eucalyptus while the bar soap has a pine smell.


Another huge bonus of our resort is the Aqualine jet tub available in the Master Bedroom. This turned out to be a great way to end the day upon return from Walt Disney World. The “Happiest Place on Earth” can take a toll on the legs and feet. (According the the health app on my phone we walked just over 16,000 steps, or 7.31 miles over the course of 12 hours…oh, and because of the rain, the stroller we rented got soaked so was of little use in chauffeuring the girls around for the first half of the day which meant that my husband and I carried 40 extra pounds each for several hours.) You’ll never hear me complaining about paying for a gym membership. I use it and it comes in handy in unexpected ways!


Stay tuned for more info on our adventures in Orlando!


M is for Mickey!

M is Mickey Mouse!



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