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February Happenings

February has been a crazy month, and March will be just as chaotic.

We got back from Hawaii at the end of January, and proceeded to work some crazy hours. I am working on the new Clinics and Surgery Center for M Health, through Avant Synergy, and we had a split go-live on 2/22 and 2/29. It’s a project I’ve been working on for 15 months, so quite exciting!

Aaron has been working on some large projects and tasks as well – in addition to prepping to be gone 2.5 weeks in the month of March – covering 4 states, and 6 countries in that time frame. (How’d he get the job with all the travel?! Life can sure be ironic).

Putting family first in this busy world can be hard, and look different for each family – however is so vital. We have loved taking our kids to watch ‘Humpback Whales‘ at the Science Museum, a yummy family dinner at Cravings (check it out, if you haven’t!), watching Addy play basketball, watching Max master his puzzles, and of course all the fun those two have, together. Melts my heart.


Sometimes, a little chaos reminds you even more how important family is.



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