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Upon Return from Florida

The plane has been on the ground for less than two minutes when a text alert goes off on my phone. “Back to reality today?” My response: “Who says I ever left it? This is my life, right? Work, Play, Travel, Repeat.” Ahh, Florida. Play we did. Work? Indeed. Repeat? As soon as possible.

This blog wraps up my thoughts on the accommodations and entertainment. If you read the first post, you know that we stayed at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort. The check-in was a little bumpy due to a freak system issue, but the rest of the stay was excellent. Check-out was extremely smooth. As in, stopping by the guest services desk and saying, “8604 is over and out.” A 15 second look in the system, receipt printed, nothing owed, nothing to sign, keys are in the room, thanks for your stay and we hope to see you again! Done.

For entertainment we did a couple of Disney Parks, but having learned our lesson from previous years, we kept activities to a minimum beyond that. Our first year at Disney we did a five day park pass on a seven day stay. Can you say “need a vacation from my vacation?” Two parks on a seven day stay felt much more reasonable.

There was plenty to do at the resort. Five outdoor swimming pools, two lazy rivers, water slides, hot tubs, and daily events was just the half of it. We enjoyed 18 holes of mini golfing- which was free to guests. On one day there was an inflatable jumping castle and another inflatable sports-themed playground. They served up snow cones and popcorn on the daily. Hey, guess what? When your kid gets a snow cone…drinks all the syrup out…leaving you with nothing but a cone of crushed ice…that same snow cone turns into a wonderful base for a margarita back at the suite!

Face painting was offered along with different events like “poolside wine glass painting.” One of my favorite activities was watching the poolside fireworks! The resort is close enough to Disney Hollywood Studios that you can view the fireworks every night. The same is true for the Epcot Fireworks. The resort has a special viewing room where guests can go to a giant balcony in the main tower and see those.


A favorite activity the girls raved about was the poolside trivia. (Mostly because treats were involved). The adults played a “Name that Movie” based on hearing the theme song. We didn’t win, but came close with 9 out of 12 correct. The girls played a Frozen-themed Word Scramble game and did win! They got to choose something from the ice cream cart. Frozen game- frozen treats. Perfection.

Our last night at the resort was spent poolside with a fire pit and S’mores. We had to purchase the S’mores kit, but it came with everything we needed: roasting sticks, graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate! We made some new friends while sitting around the fire and spent time reminiscing with the girls about all the awesome adventures we had that week. Definitely a memorable way to spend our last night there and I would highly recommend.

Traveling is such an uplifting experience. When you come back, yes, “real life” is waiting, but something in you is definitely changed. Creativity is brought back to the forefront and you are reminded of how terrific this world happens to be. My girls are already dreaming about where their parents will take them on their next adventure. I’m doing the same.

Happy thoughts!



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