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Such a Hot Mess!

Lately I feel like I am THE DEFINITION of a Hot Mess! I am all over the place. I feel organized one moment, and scattered the next. I feel like I am…SQUIRREL… !!! Yeah, you get it now 🙂

I used to be calm, thoughtful, and detailed. But I truly don’t have much time for that any more.  My company, Avant Synergy, preaches about the benefits of being and staying organized and focused. After realizing the truth to this advice, (that I myself, give!), I have realized, there is one thing I need to do:


ASK FOR HELP! As a self-proclaimed “Organized Creative”, I am always planning, documenting, erasing, and updating. I also have a game-plan for getting things done, and doing things the right way (my way!). However, the need for vulnerability has set in. the need to refocus on what I find tolerable and acceptable, vs. what I don’t want to tolerate. And, to be honest, I have NO GAME PLAN right now. I am taking things one (maybe two) days at a time. I am enjoying it, too. It won’t last forever, because I love and value planning too much for that; but it is fantastic to give myself a break, and take a bit of help along the way.

To Clarity and Mental Health 🙂

H Bloomer


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