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Allergic Reaction

On Monday night I started to get an itchy, spidery, crawling sensation on my neck. I put some lotion on and went to bed. Tuesday morning, I woke up at 6a and headed immediately to the gym. When I wake up, I usually get ready in the dark so as to not disturb my still sleeping family. After I returned home for a shower (yes, my gym has showers, but I have a “thing” about showering anywhere other than home) that is when I noticed something was seriously wrong. I peeled off my sweaty workout clothes and discovered that the itchy, spidery, crawling sensation from the night before had blown up into a full-fledged hive-like outbreak! One look in the mirror and I was like WHOA!!!

Red spider-webby stripey splotches all over my torso, neck, and shoulders. So weird! None of it itched and I felt totally fine. Post-runner high was in full effect. Mood was great…However, I certainly looked like I had just gotten into a tussle with a tiger. I’ve had hives before, maybe 15 years or so ago and knew enough to take some Benadryl right away. I recall that the last time I had a random outbreak like this it resolved within a few hours. I am now on day #3 and this crazy condition just keeps evolving. It’s fading on my torso and neck, but now my fingers and elbows are victims.  I’ll spare you any pictures. Don’t feel like you’re missing out. There are plenty of awful ones available on the internet if your Google searching of symptoms and causes ever takes you down that path.

I did visit the Minute Clinic at my local CVS on Tuesday evening, but nothing conclusive was determined to be the cause. No fever, O2 levels good, heart rate and blood pressure were stellar. Most likely it was an allergic reaction to something, but what that could be is still TBD. One benefit of having a pretty healthy lifestyle and a chemical free home is that I can rule out a lot of possibilities. It’s not my organic-free-of-everything laundry detergent, face wash, body wash, shampoo, lotion, or cosmetics!

Current theories include a zinc supplement that I took for a few days leading up to this outbreak, ironically, to boost my immune system. Perhaps I kicked my immune system into overdrive and now it is in combat mode! Another theory is black lentils. I’ve never had a legume/peanut allergy before, and I’ve had my fair share of hummus or other lentil soups, so I’m not convinced, but on Sunday I had black lentils for the first time ever. They were SO good I had them for dinner on Monday night too. I was almost going to post a recipe blog about it, but maybe I shouldn’t! (Well, it’s still worth a mention…roasted sweet potato, black lentils, scallions, and celery tossed with olive oil, honey, and lemon juice.)


Could this be the delicious culprit??

It is such a mystery! I’m probably just allergic to work. It’s been a stressful few days. Think I could get an MD note excusing me for the rest of my, um, life?

Here’s hoping I can run tomorrow! This girl has a half-marathon to run in a few weeks! I don’t have time for this craziness.

Here’s to your health!




2 thoughts on “Allergic Reaction

  1. Delores LaFollette says:

    I went online to research rash and I will put my money on Zinc. The rash pictures associated with zinc look just like yours. Awful!


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