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“You can not do it, unless you do it.” – Anonymous

Making decisions. It can be hard, can’t it?

Personal Story: Last week, I was in a horrible mood. I had so many paths in front of my – and all of them had pros and cons. They all contradicted each other as well – the two main paths were absolute opposites. Hence, creating a really really really ‘down and out’ Heidi.

On Wednesday, I took the day to ‘catch up’, think, and truly work on my next steps. I reminded myself of my ultimate purpose, and that there isn’t always one right or wrong way to get there. The entire day was about taking action. Not all ‘decisions’ were made by any means, but I made the Next Right Choice and did the Next Right Thing, which is all we can expect from ourselves, really, and moved forward.

Thursday brought a ray of light. It may sound cliche, and things weren’t perfect as I was still anxious to make these bigger decisions – however the small bits of action made it so I could be the wife, mom, friend, leader, and worker I need to be in the meantime. So for today – I take action. I move. I work to get out of my own way. I invest in myself, which in turn is the biggest investment in my family, my business, and others. I trust that I can do hard things – and I do them, one thing at a time.

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over, if you just sit there. -Will Rogers




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