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Holy Shiitake

A couple weeks ago I broke out in a terribly odd rash. It was unique in design…almost as though I had gotten into a fight with a cat and had stripey claw-like red marks on my shoulders, neck, and torso. As anyone who has ever had a random rash occur, I wracked my brain trying to figure out the source. I put my money on a zinc supplement I had started taking a few days prior. But, I also thought perhaps it was blank lentils. Those were the only two abnormal things I could think of that I had interacted with in recent days leading up to the outbreak.

I told a dear friend of mine about the rash and she also got curious about the source. After trolling the internet looking at comparable photos (now THAT is a true friend) she sent me a text message asking if I had eaten Shiitake mushrooms recently. I responded that I had not. However, I totally spaced that I HAD actually eaten some on an Asian Chicken Salad three days prior to the outbreak.

My friend and I went out to lunch this past Monday to the same restaurant where I had initially consumed the salad. It was SO good that I decided to order it again. Halfway through the meal, my lovely friend suddenly says…”Aren’t those shiitake mushrooms?” Throwing my fork down on the table, I’m like, OMG. Yes.They.Are.

So, all I could do was wait and see what happened. Sure enough, about 28 hours later the rash started on the nape of my neck just where it had started before. I immediately started dosing on Benadryl and leftover Rx cream. About 16 hours later from the onset on the nape of my neck, the stripes appeared on the front of my neck.

I am allergic to shiitake mushrooms. It’s an interesting thing. Not many cases of it according to Google, so I feel sort of special. Mystery solved. Benadryl, Rx Hydrocortisone, and lavender essential oil helped take the itch away. The rash has now resolved after 4 days. (It lasted 8 days the last time, but then again, I did eat the whole salad instead of just half.) Isn’t it crazy how it all worked out?




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