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A Stay-Cation-Day at the MOA

Recently we decided to spend a day at the Mall of America (MOA) as  family.

Our highlights are below. Do you notice anything missing? Like pictures? It is because we literally just HUNG OUT together. IT WAS AMAZING. But don’t get used to it. I am typically a picture-aholoic!

  1. Go on a Sunday! We decided to go to church at our 5pm service on the Saturday before. Then meant we had an enjoyable, non-rushed morning, and headed out around 10:00am for the mall!
  2. We hit up Nickelodeon Universe first thing. No. Lines. This is definitely a parenting win!
  3. Fly Over America was open, and since Max’s favorite ride at Disney is Soarin’, we just had to check it out. It cost us a whopping $66 for the family to go, however how could we say no? Overall – it was great. Double the length of Soarin’, clean, friendly, quick process. Some of the negatives were the long instruction video, the cost, and the fact that we didn’t always know what area of “America” we were seeing! Better “landmarks” or some words in the corner to let us know where we were flying, would have been nice – but we had fun guessing. All in all, it is overpriced, and the price will definitely need to come down – but it was worth it as a one-time thing.
  4. Next – some lunch! We decided on the Hard Rock Cafe – a true ‘fake tourist’ destination! The kids loved the atmosphere, and we enjoyed some good appetizers, burgers, and kids meals – complete with a Guitar Plate!
  5. Followed up by a little shopping and a treat (DQ, Slushie, Cinnabon – variety is great!) – we all headed home and took a nice nap. A perfect day with the fam.


H Bloomer


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