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This past weekend, I traveled out to Orange County, CA for some amazing personal and professional growth. My colleague and friend, Nicole, Founder of L District joined me. WOW – what a weekend!

Thursday started off with an amazing Mastermind group from Bob Donnell’s Next Level Entrepreneurs Association. It was absolutely amazing. Individual coaching and group feedback is wonderful when talking about the number one challenge in your business ‘today’.  Thursday evening we were able to attend Debra Faris’ book Launch of LinkedIn for Baby Boomers – check it out! Amazing advice, stories, and reminders.

On Friday, we attended Bob’s amazing class called Connectology. It truly blew me away with how important connecting with people really is – the importance of good questions, and surrounding yourself with amazing people (which is a direct reflection of boundaries and criteria you have in your life) make all the difference!

On Saturday, we spent the morning doing a deep dive into Avant Synergy, followed by a 6 hour breakfast/lunch at Chateau Marmont in LA, with Bob, Nicole, Lukas Sliwka, and the famed Tommy Bahler (musician, composer, producer, etc. If you like Michael Jackson, you like Tommy’s work!). It was inspiring, motivating, and downright fascinating. The time spent hearing and learning from stories, he free flowing advice and connection, and the clear understanding that these people are where they are today, because they serve others and have criteria for everything about there life, was astounding.

I thank Bob incredibly, for his kindness, leadership, ability to connect, and hospitality during my 72 hours in So Cal. I can’t wait for what the future has in store!


H Bloomer


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