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Today is Mother’s Day. It became an official holiday in 1914, and it’s full history is actually quite interesting. Although it has been significantly commercialized, I enjoy it as a day to really celebrate my Momma. In addition, becoming a mom in 2009 helped the day to take on a whole new meaning.

To My Mom: You are so much more than just My Mom. You are a 2nd Mom to your grand kids, you are Grammy Lyn to neighbors, friends, and family. Your calling is to Help others; and you put Cole, Aaron & I, and so many others before yourself on a daily, hourly even, basis. I have never met anyone like you. I wish you could hear and see the blessing you are to so many. I wish I could record the amazing things said about you when you aren’t around. But the funny thing is I know that isn’t why you do what you do. I’m hopeful I will be 1/2 the mom you are, 1/2 the grandma you are someday. Thank you for everything.

To My Kids: I have loved every second of being your Momma. You are my world. It isn’t always easy, and I know you give me more Grace than I give you a lot of the time, but the moments watching your face experience a new food, culture, or place; or seeing you play with your friends, or win a game; it brings more joy to me than I ever realized possible.





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