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10 Years!

My Airey;

I honestly can NOT believe it has been 10 years. 10 YEARS since we said “I Do”. Don’t you remember walking down the aisle on the 9th, during rehearsal, and saying that we should have just ran off to Hawaii? But then the Big Day arrived and it is still one of the best days we’ve ever had? I’ve had so many magical days since then – but that day was truly pure JOY for me – I would re-do it every year if I could!

At 20 and 21, things were a little tight on the purse strings! We jetting off to So Cal and the moment we arrived, vowed we’d never leave! We lived off of 1 car, and 35$/week in groceries plus $20/week in “date night” cash. Don’t you remember sharing a margarita and queso at Applebees? Or maybe splitting a Love It at ColdStone? We also went on some amazing adventures! Driving to the coast – Malibu or Newport, it didn’t matter. What about getting lost in LA? Or heading to Catalina Island, San Diego, Disney World, Laguna, or Universal with all of our visitors?

11 months later and we were back in Minnesota. Reality and the promise of money (I mean jobs!) summoned our return. We bought a house and two welcomed kiddos into our fold and just like that – we were not only adults, but parents. SCARY!!

So much excitement and fun has ensued since then. Trips, friends, adventures, a 2nd house, family events, promotions, businesses, degrees, sports, and beyond.

But you want to know something? The thing I am most proud of US for, is all of the reality that circled around this amazing 10 year (and counting) story. These wonderful pictures were frequently covered in the muck and yuck that the real world brings. Hard decisions. Hurt Feelings. Stress. Illness. Late nights and Early mornings. We have gone through Real Life like the best of them – some days fighting like heck, somedays relying on tears and prayers to bring us through, and somedays feeling like completely giving up. But the neat thing is – we didn’t. Each day, the ultimate choice we’ve made is to choose each other – I choose you, and you choose me. And that’s a pretty great thing to be proud of.

I can’t wait to celebrate back in California with you this weekend. You said you’d take me anywhere – and we picked where we first started. We’ll head to Universal to go on the rides we always went on. Of course, we’ll eat dinner at Javier’s – the once hole-in-the-wall place in Laguna that we loved, which is now massive, elegant, and in Newport Coast. Maybe we’ll take a drive to the Inland Empire to see if the Applebees or Coldstone is still around. Either way – I am most certain although quick and close to home, it will likely be a trip we remember forever.

Today, I am so blessed by you, Aaron. I am so grateful for your support of me and for me, your forgiveness and love for me each night before we go to bed, and your hugs and encouragement every morning.

Looking more forward to year 11 than I have ever been. I love you!



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