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First Day of School – 2016!

Well, it’s the annual First Day of School post! For some reason this year wasn’t too emotional. Max had another year of Pre-K with the same teacher and loves it. He was upset on Tuesday when we wasn’t able to go again, like Addy. 🙂 Addy started 2nd grade which is different – they have a planner and spelling words now – and although she isn’t the most excited about school, she truly enjoys learning and that warms my heart.


We love the kids school and their classmates. We love the proximity to our home. We love that they read about God’s Word every day. Life is good on the school front!


We do miss our nanny and her son, but already have two babysitting dates on the books.

Change is inevitable. Its good and bad and just plain-old-change. Embrace it and all the emotions that come along with it!


Cheers to a new year of learning!



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