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My Birthday!

Today is my birthday! The big 3-1. I love getting older! I do miss people asking me what grade I am in (which happened until recently), but overall, the mopre ‘adult’ I get, the better life gets!

I love being a mom, wife, friend, business owner, and wanderer.

This weekend we enjoyed paddle boarding, kayaking, and jet-skiing at a family members cabin, and then the four of us headed to church, to see old airplanes, and out to lunch, yesterday! I got in a 2 hour nap and a Barre class with a friend!

Today, it’s a little work and then some swimming with the fam! ❤ What a great life!



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Sometimes I feel as though my house is a mess. When I really think about it though, it’s not too shabby. The truth is, we all do the best we can. Sometimes we feel ahead, most of the time – not so much. However, what really is “behind”, anyways?

For instance – I have this mess in an office off of my kitchen:


Although it will be sitting there, some of which until October; I need to remember I am actually ahead of the game; two kiddos with all their school supplies, a wedding shower gift, wedding gifts, and mail for the family out of the country!

Today, I commit to being gentler on myself, and realizing all the ways I am ‘ahead’. How about you?



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Remembering when I had Babies!

Last night I started dreaming about having babies. I spent the weekend with friends who have a 4 month old, which I am sure is what triggered this. 🙂 I am so happy and content with my family of four – I feel blessed, complete, whole.

I remember the devestating days where one was screaming, one was hungry, and I was sitting on the floor crying. I remember spending all day just to get ready to go to target, and then all evening picking up and organizing from that trip. I remember Addy who had major colic and wouldn’t go to sleep. I remember Max who had GERD and wouldnt eat, so would only sleep for 20-30 minutes at a time. However, I remember it a lot less vididly than I thought I would. I remember the feeling of devestation and a bit of hopelessness. But I truly don’t remember the exact details that caused that. I think God erases that from our memory by making us so sleep deprived 🙂 Maybe it’s his comic relief to a crazy situation.

We love our kids so much we can barely handle it – yet they are a lot of work! It doesnt always add up – except I truly think the entire act of having children and parenting in and of itself is a miracle.

Today’s I dedicate my day to my beautiful babies.


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Recent Happenings

Vikings Stadium Tour

We enjoyed a Vikings Stadium tour last week, which was a fun excursion on a Friday! Aaron was the most excited, checking out his seats for the year 🙂 The kids had fun eating and in the locker room. SKOL!


We were blessed with a fun weekend in Southern WI with high school friends. We get together every year, and it truly is such a blessing. We left with our hearts full, wanting to get together more often. And Addy officially has a new BFF 🙂


My brother got engaged to his lovely soon-to-be-bride last weekend. There is a new joy in my heart I never had before. I love my brother so much, and I truly can not wait to have another Sister as well. So much more to say on this – but I’ll save it for the wedding post ❤

Summer Fun

I have been home a lot more, which has been a blast spending summer time with the kiddos. From working out, to lunches, to orthodontist appointments – I truly love these two. The family also enjoyed a wedding of A’s cousin, which was a blast! My three loves danced the night away.

We have so much fun planned for the rest of August – stay tuned!



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More Singapore!!!

Sentosa: This island is a resort world in and of itself! Only a 20-25 minute taxi ride from ou hotel, we landed in Sentosa. Water parks, theme parks, shopping, food, and beyond! We decided to stay at the Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Resort. A beautiful resort on the South China Sea.


Marina Bay Sands: A gorgeous three towel hotel and shopping center. At the top are some amazing lookout points. However to skip the line and the cost, go to the top and ask for the Club Lounge – you’ll be lucky with the views we got, if they let you in!

Singapore Botanic Gardens: An amazing UNESCO World Heritage site! I spent 2 hour walking the grounds and likely only touched 1/4 of the trails!

Garden by the Bay: What a site – are those Avatar Trees?! Some amazing Gardens is various domes, as well as music and food festivals, and beyond!


Overall, Singapore was a wonderful city with wonderful people. Blessed to have been given to visit this whole other world.



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Aaron heads to Asia every few months for work. He’s seen some pretty neat places – Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Seoul, and even made it to the Taj Mahal during a free Saturday in New Delhi, India. As irony would have it, he appreciates the travel but doesn’t crave it – where as we all know where I stand on the travel-matter! 🙂

Typically his trips are quick 2-3 days in each location, packed with work. However for his most recent trip, he was going to be in Singpaore for 10 days straight! After checking my schedule, we realized it was the perfect opportunity to seize the moment and join him for part of it. He would have a free weekend, as well as a few available evenings – and I have never minded exploring on my own, as well.

So after he was already hard at work on the other side of the world, I prepared to head on the longest trip I’ve ever been on! Now, I can tell you I did not adequately prepare for the lack of sleep I was about to endure. Unlike Europe where you have one long flight (typically less than 10 hours), plus a shorter one – heading to Singapore is a 24 hour travel day. I checked – it is the same amount of time it takes to fly to Australia! I now know why folks stay in these locations for 2+ weeks 🙂


After a long flight to Tokyo, a nap in the Delta Sky Club, and another long flight to Singapore – I made it! I highly suggest splurging on Delta Comfort – it is usually only $100-200 more expensive, and the extra 3-6 inches truly do make a difference when you are talking about 19-20 hours on a plane. After a quick 25 minute drive from the airport, I arrived at Park Hotel Clarke Quay. The Park Hotel was excellent – great service, great location right on the river, and fantastic food. They had decent internet service, and a wonderful pool and grill/bar area. They also had an exercise facility, and laundry capabilities. Their rooms were small, but that was fine.

A cab ride to anywhere in the city is fairly easy and very cheap – $5-15 Singapore dollars (which is only about 75% of our dollar). However, that was really the only cheap item on the entire trip. I’m talking about $100 dinner’s for 1, and $25 glasses of wine – as the cheapest glass on the menu! At least the Singapore Sling was a very yummy alternative for only $16 🙂 Singapore has truly made the economy work for them – going from a 3rd class to a 1st class country, in 50 years. It was awe-inspiring to talk to it’s residents. They all absolutely love it there. As you may know, Singapore is a place for rules – but this is something the people seem to relish in – the cleanliness and safety that the country provides.


Besides sight seeing, we enjoyed a great dinner at Cut with Aaron’s colleague who just moved to Singapore from the US for work, as well as a team member of Aaron’s, Sarah, who was so kind to order us a fabulous authentic Singapore dinner at Boon Tong Kee.


Stay tuned for Monday’s blog for more fun places to not miss, the next time you are in Singapore!



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Avant Synergy

Today I want to share about my baby, something that makes me proud, humble, honored, anxious, and excited – all at once, every-single-day!

Avant Synergy.

We are now over two years old, and have recently re-focused our offerings to be event more efficient and effective!

What do you think? Read our recent blogs to learn more!

Our Newly Focused Services

Ultimately, we are always trying to innovate, and stay ahead of the game, in order to service our clients, team, and business partners even better!