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Amazing Adventures

It seems that lately, adventures are around every bend. From small afternoon ‘errand adventures’ with the kids, all the way to life changing decisions and opportunities. I am fueled by adventures. I am fueled by ‘what’s next’. I have to work hard to be in the here and now – being present and loving the ‘current’. This year, specifically, I have worked hard at that – and it’s been so rewarding. Just enjoying a beautiful day, a relaxing nap, or time with friends and family.

And you truly get the best of both worlds when you do that – because I think the adventure actually ends up following you, ten-fold.


Cheers to a fall full of colors and adventures for everyone.


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Igniting the Fire Within

Every now and again I’m able to articulate exactly the emotion I am feeling inside. The piece I am sharing below is something I originally wrote for my friend, and co-author of this blog, to use for her business blog. During the month of February I wrote pieces for her business centering on the theme of Perseverance. I am now proud to say that I can write the word perseverance without using spell-check. This blog is the story behind the piece.

I am a runner, and I also do yoga. The two activities complement each other perfectly. A few weeks ago I was indulging in a noon-hour yoga session after having a particularly stressful morning at work. (Turns out that yoga and work also complement each other perfectly…) As I was assuming Dancer’s Pose, which is by far my most favorite asana (posture), the inspiration for this piece landed.

Later in the evening, when I found the time to sit quietly with my thoughts, I closed my eyes and visualized every action and corresponding feeling I could think of to describe the physical and emotional experience of practicing yoga. The experience of developing perseverance. Yoga is as calming as it is invigorating. It is as relaxing as it is challenging. It has helped me improve my mental discipline, which is helpful whether I’m on a long tempo run, or handling my seventh walk-in employee of the morning seeking consult on a difficult case.

With no further ado, I give you:

Igniting the Fire Within

Fire within

Focus intense

Eyes locked on the horizon

A single breath rises and falls, solid, filling her chest

Heart swells, rhythmic beating

Slow… steady… purposeful…

She will persevere.

Silent as a stalking tiger

Alert as a hungry hawk

She will not be underestimated

Goals, dreams, all within reach

One final push

The journey has been beautiful


She has persevered.

Fingertips gracefully stretch forth

Hands open

Energy releases

Soul awakened

This is what it feels like

To risk everything

And succeed

It’s worth it



This piece originally appeared on February 29, 2016 at http://avantsynergy.com/igniting-the-fire-within/



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