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Miles of Smiles

I am now six weeks into training for the Stillwater Half Marathon and today was a long-run day. Nine miles of smiles. All my mileage goals are mapped out in my planner so I can plan activities around what needs to be accomplished. In anticipation of this longer run I set out to find a really good pair of running socks. As it goes, I had two pair of “favorites” and I effectively lost one of each of the pair in the laundry last week. I’m not above wearing mismatched socks, but figured it was an OK time to invest in some additional pairs. I’m going to need them in the remaining six weeks anyway.

So- running socks are kind of expensive. Certainly I can get a 6-pack of general sports socks, from any discount retailer, but for long distance they just don’t prevent blisters or provide the compression I find valuable. After browsing the racks at Dick’s Sporting Goods, I discovered a brand called Feetures. They promised “High Performance” and “No Blisters.” Both very appealing claims. Cute colors and a moderate advertised price of $12.99/pair. (Though there must have been a signage mistake because they actually only rang up as $8.97- bonus!) I put them to the test today.


Happy to report that the fit was snug, and there was absolutely no slipping to be felt inside my shoe. The “no show” tab actually does show a little bit, but suited my needs as is because my Asics have a higher back than my Nike Free running shoes.

sock edit

Heading into the run I already had a soft callus from running earlier this week. The beginnings of a blister if you will. I didn’t feel any pain during my run today, but when I ended the blister was certainly there. Maybe their ad copy could be better written to state, “No NEW Blisters.” That would be totally accurate. All in all, I am very satisfied and would give 4.5/5 stars overall.

Now- on a totally unrelated note- today will be the last post I create as a writer for Balloons in the Sky blog. I was offered and accepted a new FT position that begins tomorrow. After nine years at my previous job and being totally comfortable in what I do every day, I am about to embark on a new adventure. I need to give it 100% of my energy and attention right now- well, what is left over after running miles of smiles anyway.

Heidi will keep this blog going so stick around for more travel, food, recommendations, and inspirations. ¬†Thanks so much for reading! I’ll resume writing on my own blog at some point in the future and will definitely be seeking many of you out to follow. There are many talented writers I’ve gotten to know through this blog.

All my best!



Image Outtake. Features socks. Cats love’m.

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When the going gets tough…

…the tough go running. Every other year since 2010, I have participated in some type of running event. Here is what I have accomplished thus far:

  • Fargo Half (May 2010)
  • Twin Cities 10K (October 2012)
  • Run for the Lakes, Brainerd (April 2014)
  • Lifetime Commitment Day 5K (January 2016)

You’ll notice I have already completed my running event for 2016…but then life went and got all stressful on me and I decided I needed to turn to the only outlet that truly reduces my stress. I signed up for another race. This time it will be the Stillwater Half which is scheduled for May 2016. I’m now into Week 2 of training and have decided on a Tues/Fri/Sun run schedule. There is nothing more soothing to me in times of stress than to have ONE thing on my calendar that is predictable and necessary. My mileage. Running is my religion. It brings me peace and balance. Cupcake consumption without guilt.

Non-runners may not relate to this post at all, but those of you who do run, most certainly will. Seeing a training plan mapped out for the next 12 weeks is heavenly. My days and nights are now ordered around distance and time goals for the next day. Nurturing my body so that it can develop, perform, and recover. Sleep is now “part of the plan.” I can be more intentional about actually getting some Zs. You know, I’m in training. My pantry is quickly turning over from its supply of ¬†winter comfort foods to the lean, body nourishing, muscle repairing, delicious foods of training season. (Cupcakes excluded.) I love everything about training.

All of the races I have completed thus far have been “fast and flat.” The Stillwater Half will add a new challenge of hills. From what I understand they will come around miles 10 and 11. Sounds fun… (yeah, not really), but at least I know in advance so I can try to prepare. When I lived in Saint Paul a few years ago, there were some incredible training hills to run on. I may have to visit my old haunts this spring.

Last Saturday night I spent some time updating my “Miles of Smiles” running playlist. If Demons, Imagine Dragons, isn’t on your playlist right now I highly recommend. When I was running on Sunday, that song came on and I got the goose bumps. Definitely gave me an extra boost of energy. I’m still looking for some more songs to add. Anyone have any personal favorites that get you through just one more mile? Let me know!

Happy Running!