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Fall Weekends

I truly love fall weekends. The cool breeze, yet warm sun shining down upon us. This past weekend we enjoyed a fun wedding shower for a to-be sister-in-law, my daughter loved time with friends at a birthday party for a classmate, and we loved dinner with family friends.

We also were able to enjoy an afternoon with great friends and neighbors at the Afton Apple Orchard! Picking Macintosh apples, Enjoying a fantastic playground, and following it up with some dinner and ice cream can’t be beat.

These days I am soaking in the time and energy my kids exude to me, and trying to be present in the moments we are experiencing.



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First Day of School – 2016!

Well, it’s the annual First Day of School post! For some reason this year wasn’t too emotional. Max had another year of Pre-K with the same teacher and loves it. He was upset on Tuesday when we wasn’t able to go again, like Addy. 🙂 Addy started 2nd grade which is different – they have a planner and spelling words now – and although she isn’t the most excited about school, she truly enjoys learning and that warms my heart.


We love the kids school and their classmates. We love the proximity to our home. We love that they read about God’s Word every day. Life is good on the school front!


We do miss our nanny and her son, but already have two babysitting dates on the books.

Change is inevitable. Its good and bad and just plain-old-change. Embrace it and all the emotions that come along with it!


Cheers to a new year of learning!


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Family and Adventures

The past few days we enjoyed some bonus time with Aaron’s brother’s family who currently lives out of the country. It was great to catch up, hug, play, laugh – and sadly, cry. They were brought here under less than ideal circumstances, Aaron’s grandma’s death – however we enjoyed teaching the kids about Heaven, together, and spending quality time with family.


Today, we said good bye to our Nanny for the last year and her son. We will continue to see them in a more babysitting capacity, and love them like family! But it still just won’t be the same.

In addition, Max had his speech class open house! We ran into neighbors who will be attending the same school; and it made me remember how much family extends far beyond blood.


Cheers to kids growing up, and the people who are along side us for the adventure.


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Remembering when I had Babies!

Last night I started dreaming about having babies. I spent the weekend with friends who have a 4 month old, which I am sure is what triggered this. 🙂 I am so happy and content with my family of four – I feel blessed, complete, whole.

I remember the devestating days where one was screaming, one was hungry, and I was sitting on the floor crying. I remember spending all day just to get ready to go to target, and then all evening picking up and organizing from that trip. I remember Addy who had major colic and wouldn’t go to sleep. I remember Max who had GERD and wouldnt eat, so would only sleep for 20-30 minutes at a time. However, I remember it a lot less vididly than I thought I would. I remember the feeling of devestation and a bit of hopelessness. But I truly don’t remember the exact details that caused that. I think God erases that from our memory by making us so sleep deprived 🙂 Maybe it’s his comic relief to a crazy situation.

We love our kids so much we can barely handle it – yet they are a lot of work! It doesnt always add up – except I truly think the entire act of having children and parenting in and of itself is a miracle.

Today’s I dedicate my day to my beautiful babies.


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Recent Happenings

Vikings Stadium Tour

We enjoyed a Vikings Stadium tour last week, which was a fun excursion on a Friday! Aaron was the most excited, checking out his seats for the year 🙂 The kids had fun eating and in the locker room. SKOL!


We were blessed with a fun weekend in Southern WI with high school friends. We get together every year, and it truly is such a blessing. We left with our hearts full, wanting to get together more often. And Addy officially has a new BFF 🙂


My brother got engaged to his lovely soon-to-be-bride last weekend. There is a new joy in my heart I never had before. I love my brother so much, and I truly can not wait to have another Sister as well. So much more to say on this – but I’ll save it for the wedding post ❤

Summer Fun

I have been home a lot more, which has been a blast spending summer time with the kiddos. From working out, to lunches, to orthodontist appointments – I truly love these two. The family also enjoyed a wedding of A’s cousin, which was a blast! My three loves danced the night away.

We have so much fun planned for the rest of August – stay tuned!



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It’s been a fun summer so far! A few big hightlights for the kiddos, below!

CHICAGO! My mom took Addy to Chicago earlier this month. They were joined by my aunt and Addy’s 2nd cousin! The main goal was to hit up the American Girl Doll store – but they also enjoyed shopping, walks, trains, and being upgraded to a Penthouse Suite!Memories to last forever.

Upon Addy’s return, J, L, C, and J arrived from Costa Rica! We enjoyed an early b-day celebration for J, as well as family fun, dinners, and the Minnesota Zoo! And of course – LOTS of outside fun with this beautiful midwest summer weather!

Cheers until next time!