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Igniting the Fire Within

Every now and again I’m able to articulate exactly the emotion I am feeling inside. The piece I am sharing below is something I originally wrote for my friend, and co-author of this blog, to use for her business blog. During the month of February I wrote pieces for her business centering on the theme of Perseverance. I am now proud to say that I can write the word perseverance without using spell-check. This blog is the story behind the piece.

I am a runner, and I also do yoga. The two activities complement each other perfectly. A few weeks ago I was indulging in a noon-hour yoga session after having a particularly stressful morning at work. (Turns out that yoga and work also complement each other perfectly…) As I was assuming Dancer’s Pose, which is by far my most favorite asana (posture), the inspiration for this piece landed.

Later in the evening, when I found the time to sit quietly with my thoughts, I closed my eyes and visualized every action and corresponding feeling I could think of to describe the physical and emotional experience of practicing yoga. The experience of developing perseverance. Yoga is as calming as it is invigorating. It is as relaxing as it is challenging. It has helped me improve my mental discipline, which is helpful whether I’m on a long tempo run, or handling my seventh walk-in employee of the morning seeking consult on a difficult case.

With no further ado, I give you:

Igniting the Fire Within

Fire within

Focus intense

Eyes locked on the horizon

A single breath rises and falls, solid, filling her chest

Heart swells, rhythmic beating

Slow… steady… purposeful…

She will persevere.

Silent as a stalking tiger

Alert as a hungry hawk

She will not be underestimated

Goals, dreams, all within reach

One final push

The journey has been beautiful


She has persevered.

Fingertips gracefully stretch forth

Hands open

Energy releases

Soul awakened

This is what it feels like

To risk everything

And succeed

It’s worth it



This piece originally appeared on February 29, 2016 at http://avantsynergy.com/igniting-the-fire-within/



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When the going gets tough…

…the tough go running. Every other year since 2010, I have participated in some type of running event. Here is what I have accomplished thus far:

  • Fargo Half (May 2010)
  • Twin Cities 10K (October 2012)
  • Run for the Lakes, Brainerd (April 2014)
  • Lifetime Commitment Day 5K (January 2016)

You’ll notice I have already completed my running event for 2016…but then life went and got all stressful on me and I decided I needed to turn to the only outlet that truly reduces my stress. I signed up for another race. This time it will be the Stillwater Half which is scheduled for May 2016. I’m now into Week 2 of training and have decided on a Tues/Fri/Sun run schedule. There is nothing more soothing to me in times of stress than to have ONE thing on my calendar that is predictable and necessary. My mileage. Running is my religion. It brings me peace and balance. Cupcake consumption without guilt.

Non-runners may not relate to this post at all, but those of you who do run, most certainly will. Seeing a training plan mapped out for the next 12 weeks is heavenly. My days and nights are now ordered around distance and time goals for the next day. Nurturing my body so that it can develop, perform, and recover. Sleep is now “part of the plan.” I can be more intentional about actually getting some Zs. You know, I’m in training. My pantry is quickly turning over from its supply of  winter comfort foods to the lean, body nourishing, muscle repairing, delicious foods of training season. (Cupcakes excluded.) I love everything about training.

All of the races I have completed thus far have been “fast and flat.” The Stillwater Half will add a new challenge of hills. From what I understand they will come around miles 10 and 11. Sounds fun… (yeah, not really), but at least I know in advance so I can try to prepare. When I lived in Saint Paul a few years ago, there were some incredible training hills to run on. I may have to visit my old haunts this spring.

Last Saturday night I spent some time updating my “Miles of Smiles” running playlist. If Demons, Imagine Dragons, isn’t on your playlist right now I highly recommend. When I was running on Sunday, that song came on and I got the goose bumps. Definitely gave me an extra boost of energy. I’m still looking for some more songs to add. Anyone have any personal favorites that get you through just one more mile? Let me know!

Happy Running!